Do Not Allow Schedule Management to Spoil Your Trip

When planning a holiday there are many people who like to plan almost every minute of the trip. They will devise a schedule and then much of their focus during the holiday will be managing this schedule. Each day will have a list of activities jammed in, and people can get very upset when the wheels come off their well made plans. In fact it is often the case that too much emphasis on schedule management can completely ruin a trip, and make holidays feel like something that needs to be endured.

When we visit a new area of the world it is natural to want to see as many things as possible. A city like Paris provides so many tourist attractions that it would be impossible to fit everything in even if you were to visit for a couple of months. Expecting to see everything in a few days just isn’t possible, but this does not stop people from attempting to accomplish this impossible feat by trying to cram everything into their schedule. These plans cannot possibly be achieved and tourists make themselves miserable by even attempting to do it.

One of the main reasons for going on holidays is that we want to relax. People work all year round and deserve a bit of time for rest and relaxation. If we make our holiday the subject of strict schedule management then it will likely take away a lot from the enjoyment of their trip. Planning a day out in our own local area can be difficult to manage so how much more difficult will it be to plan a trip in a foreign country. The most sensible approach would be to only create a very loose schedule that is not crowded with too many attractions. If you are only going to be visiting somewhere for a few days you will need to accept that you are not going to see everything. Pick out the places you really want to see and put them on the top of your list.

Some people find the idea of travelling to a foreign country without firm plans for how to spend their time a bit daunting. The reality is though that you just can’t plan everything on your trip and you could easily end up missing out on so much by being too rigid about the whole thing. It might not be easy, but just try and go with the flow and see where it takes you. You might be amazed to find that allowing things to just happen will make the whole thing far more enjoyable.

If you really can’t survive without schedule then at least allow for a day or two where you have nothing planned and see what happens. Spontaneity can become a habit and once you start to see how fun it can be you will be less concerned with schedule planning. On the other hand, going to the other extreme and never having any schedule might lead you into all sorts of trouble; still it would at least be exciting.

Reduce Holiday Stress – Managing Time and Expectations

It’s that time of year again and Christmas displays are already up. When you think of upcoming holidays, does it make you feel anxious or increase your stress? Are you wondering how you can fit even more into your already very busy schedule?

Maybe the holidays are the busiest time of year for your business. Yet, with proper planning and by managing your time and expectations, you can still have time to enjoy the holidays (including special moments by the fire or time spent outside trekking across a winter wonderland)!

How can you get it all done without becoming overwhelmed or totally exhausted? Here are some tips that will make this holiday season less stressful and more enjoyable:

Set realistic expectations. As your to-do list begins to grow, notice unnecessary demands or pressure you put on yourself. Read your to-do list out loud or to a friend; it’s a great reality check. If your friend laughs or shakes her head, you probably have way too much on your list. You only have 24 hours in a day! Prioritize. If you don’t, you’re setting yourself up to fail or be disappointed.
Plan ahead. Look at your calendar now and estimate how much time you’ll need for cards, shopping, parties, etc., then schedule those in; this way you’re not as likely to over-book and it will keep you from rushing around at the last minute. When you choose to manage your time and expectations, you free up lots of energy; energy that can be spent laughing and enjoying the season.
Give yourself permission to scale back and take shortcuts. Sure you might want everything perfect, but maybe ‘real nice’ is O.K. too. Find ways that you can get a similar effect by spending less time and energy (e.g. – buy fewer gifts, use gift bags instead of wrapping, purchase already prepared meals…).
Ask for help. There is no need to be the Lone Ranger here. Kids and spouses can help; give them tasks & responsibilities like helping with meals, housecleaning, running errands, etc. And, instead of providing all the food yourself, ask those you’ve invited to share by bringing a dish or two.
Get enough rest. You might think this is impossible, but it’s not! Remember, when you’re tired, you’re much more at risk of being irritable and impatient. This can put a strain on family relationships and leave you regretting something you said. It’s not worth the risk.
Remember to enjoy yourself. Do you want to be going non-stop for the next two months? Do you want to be rushing all the time! I don’t think so. No one will care if your house isn’t perfect, but they will notice and remember if you look exhausted and tense. Carry an affirmation with you; it will keep you in a good state of mind. Create your own; here’s one to get you started: “I choose to enjoy this day and breathe in all that I need.”

You can enjoy this holiday season! With a little planning and by managing your expectations, this holiday season might be your most joyful and relaxed ever!

Best Destinations for Family Holidays in India!

You often take holidays to spend quality time with your spouse, cousins, or friends. You plan trips with them with a motive of relaxing and having fun. This is because they are a great company for such journeys or tours. However, when you are busy with your daily work schedule or holidaying with your friends, there is an important part of your life, which is being unintentionally ignored. This ignorance is enough to create a rift between your relations with that vital aspect of your life. This aspect is none other than your own ‘family’.

It is necessary to plan an outing with your family sometimes. At a certain point, you need to give them time and make sure that they do not feel left out. The best way to spend time together is to go on a short holiday trip at least once in a year. What can be better than exploring new cities or sightseeing in the company of your family? There are several wonderful destinations within India, which you can discover. Some of the best destinations for family holidays in India include the state of Rajasthan, Maharasthra, and Andhra Pradesh.

On further exploring Rajasthan, you will find the beautiful and ancient palaces as well as forts of Indian heroes. You will be mesmerized by their architecture and sculpting. A state that is home to the beautiful sandy deserts of India has more to offer when it comes to culture and traditions. It is the most colorful state of the country with a typical and ethnic dressing sense. With cities like Jaipur, Udaipur, Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, and Pushkar, Rajasthan is one of the best family holiday destinations in India.

Another state in this country, which is famously known for its brave Maratha heroes, is Maharashtra. This state gets its charm and splendor from the fascinating hill stations and elongated coastlines. It is a perfect place for family holidays, wherein relaxing and rejuvenating is the only aim. The capital city of Mumbai provides more than just sightseeing and delicious food. One can head to the beach destination named Alibaugh to experience some exciting water sports in the deep Arabian Sea. Breathtaking hill stations like Lonavala, Khandala, Mahabaleshwar, and Matheran are famous tourist attractions.

If you have a family that is interested in having fun in true sense, then you must not miss the state of Andhra Pradesh. To be more specific, pick up the city of Hyderabad and set off to discover all the magnificent destinations it has to offer. The well-known Golconda Fort, Jama Masjid, Salar Jung Mueseum, Snow world, Ramoji Film City, Charminar, and Lumbini Park are all located in the city of Hyderabad. The famous Hyderabadi biryani is also something that you will not refrain from relishing. It is deliciously cooked in a typical Hyderabadi style and not many can afford to give it a miss.

You and your family will have an amazing time discovering these spectacular states of India, each with a different cuisine, lifestyle, dressing, language, and set of traditions!

Tropical Holiday Getaways to Curacao

It has always been a delight for people to go traveling to an unusual place where they can enjoy a tropical getaway. If you want to get rid of your troubling mundane life for a moment, you might want go on an exclusive adventure and relax in a beach resort. Sometimes, we just really need to break free to relax and discover our life’s new significance. There are actually a whole lot of travel destinations to choose from if you want to splurge on a worthy holiday. But if you are specifically looking for an exhilarating Caribbean holiday, Curacao is the island of choice for many.

Planning a holiday to Curacao won’t be that difficult to set since there are many Curacao travel deals offered by travel companies. Curacao is a small land mass to be found 40 miles north from the sea coast of Venezuela located in the southern part of the Caribbean. It is a fraction of the ABC cluster of islands that include Aruba, Bonaire, and Curacao belonging to the Netherlands Antilles. Once you have visited the island, you will probably think about living there after experiencing its extremely soothing ambiance. Its beaches adorned with crystal clear waters and snow white sands are most popular among travelers.

Travelers always want to save money in their vacations. In that manner, they can enjoy their trip even with a small budget. Even if you have enough money to splurge on a vacation, it gives you an overwhelming feeling if you could save up on trips and be a wise spender. The first thing you need to do is to look for cheap air fare tickets and economic Curacao travel deals. Online travel agencies have quite a lot of plane tickets and Curacao travel deals that are a fit for you holiday schedule. Getting assistance from travel agents will also be of great help if you want to look for special group packages.

Here are some things you must do when you’re planning a holiday in Curacao:

– Head off to a wild preserve in Christoffel National Park. The park offers hiking activities within its desert land. If hiking is not your thing, then you may try horseback riding on the grounds. In some areas all through the park, kayaking is also accessible.

– Boca Pistol. Here, you will witness a cannonball of sea foam bursting from the ground every time a wave hits the rocky shorelines. This occurrence is what they call the “Breath of Curacao.”

– Nightlife. Travelers need not stroll far to enjoy the nightlife any day of the week. De Gouvenour is a good place to hear live music. Hotels such as Marriott, Hilton, Renaissance, and Breezes present great gambling opportunities. Head off to the Sea Aquarium Beach to party and dance to upbeat songs remixed by great DJs. If you prefer live jazz, there’s a Blue’s Bar in Avila Hotel.

– Beach activities. Curacao has spectacular beaches. You can enjoy snorkeling, boat sailing, or diving in Playa Jeremi, Klein Curacao, and Cas Abou Beach.